Ear Cropping

Q: What is an ear crop?

A: Ear cropping is an elective surgical procedure performed on dogs for cosmetic purposes only. This is usually done to remain consistent with the look of a particular breed.


Q: Do you do ear crops?

A: We have one doctor who performs ear crops only for new clients living in Smyrna or Marietta, with the following breeds: Pitbull, Cane Corso, and Presa Canario.


Q: How old should my pet be?

A: The age at which we will perform ear crops is 8 to 12 weeks old. The pet should be up to date on vaccines required for their age range.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: There is a $58 consultation required before the surgery. This gives you time with the doctor to discuss style and shape. The consultation price does not roll over to the surgery, but the surgery price we quote includes medication and rechecks. The pricing for the surgery itself varies depending on breed. We will gladly give you an estimate over the phone or at your consultation. In the event of extensive retaping, there may be an additional charge at the time of the recheck.


Q: Will I be finished once the surgery is done?

A: There are required weekly, sometimes bi-weekly post-operative rechecks for possible retaping and suture removal.